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At the end of the intro unit I had my students brainstorm the different types of questions they could ask others. As a class we reviewed the different questions they could ask and I gave them time in class to practice. I then randomly put them in partners and had them carry out a conversation where their goal was to obtain as much information as possible from each other. I used garage band to record the conversations and then posted them on the wiki. They found out who their partner was only seconds before recording to make it as authentic as possible. During the intro unit the class created their own conversation rubric and they are now going to listen to their conversations, assess where they feel they belong in each category and then write areas they could improve in their conversation. They will hand it in and I will then do the same thing. They will be able to see how close their assessment of the conversation is to my assessment.

Conversation rubric

Blk 2: conversation #1

Amaneet & Ray

Amreen & Simran T

Charnpreet & Harleen

Harman & Hakumit

Karamjit & Simran C

Kei & Amandeep

Keziah & Samyah

Kiran & Karamjit

Luke & Cayleigh

Rajan & Sagan

Tanner & Marco

Telissa & Harinder

Zyuun & Jusleen

Blk 3 Day 1: conversation #1

Ali & Yogita

Bryan & Danilyn

Daman & Parmveer

Domo & Simi

Gurpreet & Emily

Iraj & Sydney

Julia & Kajol

Justin & Simran

Manny & Akheil

Paige & Simrat

Rashid & Abinash

Robyn & Rachel

Sahil & Brianne

Blk 3 Day 2: conversation #1

Ashly & Jayde

Brittany & Amanpreet

Carter & Billy

Desmond & DJ

Donia & Tamara

Faith & Nicole

Harleen & Sofia

Jasmine & Nic

Jessica & Inder

Natasha & Ramneet

Paven & Faith

Sana & Kris

Simmie & Brendan

Sofia & Gayle

Blk 3 Day 1: Ipad Conversations
Emily and julia
akheil and
Sydney and brianne
Danilyn and Yogita
Daman and Rashid
simi and simran
Iraj (yunkee) and Ali
Paige and Abinash
Manny Sahil
Rachel Kajol
Gurpreet Domo
Robyn Simrat
Brian Parmveer

Blk 3 Day 2: Ipad Conversations

Jayde & Courtney
& Donia
Jessica and Gayle
Kris DJ
Harleen Sana
Paven Billy
Nick and Carter

Des & Jas
sofia aman
Faith Nicole
Tamara Natasha
Brittany Ashly

Blk 2: Ipad Conversations

Harinder and Amandeep
Cayleigh & Jusleen
Kiran & Amaneet :)
Amreen, Simran &harleen (YOLO)
Sagan Harman
Ray & Hakumit
Samyah Simran T
Tanner, Marco & Kei
Karamjit Luke
Zyuun. :)